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"Even for Albuquerque, this is pretty Albuquerque." — Charles Tatum, 1951


released February 26, 2015

recorded between 2013-2014 in lafayette and baton rouge
all songs written by matthew sigur



all rights reserved


Childrens Church Baton Rouge, Louisiana

music from matthew sigur

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Track Name: 1997
is it too soon to write a song for you
cause when i'm fallin in love
i don't know what else to do

yeah, she's lodged in my head
with the strength of a hundred, thousand million
and i can't go to sleep
no i can't give pause
to what's hiding in her bedside drawers
and if it ever makes any sense
if it comes with a couple of dents
know i never had the courage
never had the means
to tell you all the details
the mundane things
so i'll speak in clues
let me speak in clues

yeah, you want a daydream dream
to come true
you wanna hold the strings
the strings of a fool
i can hear your breathing
i can feel your sigh
holy misery when we wonder why
and i'll throw you on my back
yeah i'll carry all your weight
like the american man
i made you believe i am
but you'll leave it alone
leave it alone
and let me wonder why
Track Name: Jonesboro Score
doubt his christian merits
how he gloats in the light
doubt his teenaged wisdom
and his nine-to-five
you can doubt his words
those tepid tales
but never doubt his will
those shaky hands
but the boy
yeah he's got his misgivings
a vodka past
and a jonesboro score

yeah, i'll leave it to doubt
you know i leave it to doubt

there he stands on the rock
carrying his conversation
mothers, fathers
sons and daughters
but the boy
yeah he's got his misgivings
a vodka past
and a jonesboro score
Track Name: Confused Bachelor
spending the time
like dollars i found
on the sidewalk
waiting for the wind
to blow this whole roof off
and the insects play their little games
they look from a wall

if you're wondering
if you can
if you're wondering

making muddy conversation
to your palms
drive around in circles
but only ask for alms
and what am i without a steady someone
to flip on the tv

if you're wondering
if you can
if you're wondering
Track Name: The Dust Will Rise Again
tell your children to go back to their rooms
to cover their ears and close their eyes
it'll be over in a minute or two
it'll be over soon

board your windows and leave no cracks
turn off the lights and share a sacred laugh
don't listen to the creeping wind
cause the dust will rise, will rise again

our houses will stand in the sunlight
men will breathe and women will cry
if only for a second, only for a second
and the dust will rise, will rise again

there's no hell, you have to believe
and we can't prepare for the feeling
with a smile and kiss, we remember regret
and the dust will rise, will rise again